Iron & Steel Wire


Delivery program:

Dimension range 0.80 - 12.0 mm
Surfaces bright / bright / copper plated / galvanized
Presentations rings / coils / crown stands / rod


Iron wire according to EN 10016 eg:

C4D; C9D; C12D; C18D; D6-2; D8-2; D12-2
We supply iron wire for wire bending parts as well as galvanised stitching wire for the graphic industry.
Iron wire is unalloyed carbon steel with a very low carbon content, this is less than 0.25 percent.

Cold heading wire according to EN 10263-2 eg:

C4C; C10C; C15C

Heat-treatable steel wire + boron-alloyed steel wire according to EN 10263-4z.B .:

19 MnB4; C35EC; 38B2; 23MnB4; 37Cr4; 42CrMo4

Case hardening steel wire according to EN 10263-3 eg:

C15E2C; 18B2; 22 MnB4; 37 Cr5


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